List of university occupations

As news comes in from across the country, we’ll be updating this page as a rolling list of occupations. Comment below if you have news, or email [email protected]

Newcastle University –

University College London

London South Bank University (demands now met)

Birmingham University

Oxford University (evicted)

Cardiff University

Warwick University



University of East London


Leeds Metropolitan University

Royal Holloway (ended)

School of Oriental and African Studies

University of West England (Bristol)

Nottingham University

University of Plymouth

University of Sussex


Roehampton University

Manchester University

Manchester Met

Sheffield University

Cambridge University

Brighton University:

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  1. Check out the highly creative and effective student protests in Italy this last week. Not content with occupying their universities and colleges and taking it to the streets, as is traditional now in Italy, students occupy key economic interests such as an airport, bridges into a city, train stations and now major tourist sites: The Coliseum in Rome and The Leaning Tower in Pisa. The point is not to just stay in the spaces of learning (which in some cases can be fairly invisible to others) but to take back other public spaces for occupation and debate and mass political effect.
    The occupations here are great and just the start but we could begin to think just a bit wider about creating new occupied spaces of protest, discussion, assembly and ultimately direct action against the cuts and Government. When we take such spaces we are also inviting others who are fighting the cuts to take the space with us and to all work together.

    Good round-up of Italian struggles here:

  2. Brighton uni is in occupation as well

  3. There is a website for Cambridge occupation. It’s part of the Cambridge defend education campaign.

    Here is it:

    Please put it as a link

    I agree with bob’s point above, occupying other public spaces broadens the movement.

  4. University of York went in to occupation yesterday.
    The ‘great york sit in’ is taking place in the physics building.
    Here is their official statement:

    We at the Great York Sit-in in solidarity with fellow protests and occupations everywhere will peacefully occupy this space until the following demands are met and opinions are properly taken into serious consideration:

    1. We demand that the University of York issues a written statement in strong opposition to the conclusions and substance of the Browne Report on Higher Education. We also insist they take the lead in encouraging other universities and relevant institutions to do the same. In particular, we oppose the move to introduce a competitive market in tuition fees encouraged by cuts in government support. We oppose the damaging precedent this sets in establishing a multi-tier system where only those from better off backgrounds feel they can apply to the more ‘prestigious’ institutions.

    2. We demand that the University of York issues a written statement expressing opposition to the cuts to higher education budgets proposed by the government and the proposed raising of the cap on tuition fees. We also demand that the university takes the lead in encouraging other universities and institutions to do the same. Higher fees will deter many potential students from participating in higher education and cuts to funding and research will damage the quality and integrity of the university system as a whole. Education is, and should be treated as, a public good and a right for all.
    We call upon the government to neither raise the cap on tuition fees nor cut public funding to universities.

    3. We demand that the University of York releases a written statement in support of Education Maintenance Allowance and takes the lead in encouraging other universities and institutions to do the same, recognising that it is a vital lifeline to many students and an empowering gift of independence to many others as well recognising the wider social and economic benefits that a more diverse education system brings. EMA is vital to ensure that anyone can access further education which in turn helps widen participation at university level.
    We call upon the government to recognise the importance of EMA and protect its continued existence.

    4. We call on the government to ensure that university research remains publically funded, and is not contingent on immediate economic application. Though much research in science, technology, engineering and other fields carries clear and direct economic benefit and is, therefore, of short term interest to corporate funders; it is essential that British universities carry on their tradition of “blue-sky” research, and maintain the skills and infrastructure necessary to support a thriving academic environment. Broad research carries long-term social and economic benefits, and must continue unabated.

    5. We demand that the University of York make a commitment to safeguard funding, not exclusively for “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects but for all subjects. Non-STEM subjects provide social goods which cannot always be measured by quantitative economic methods, and should be afforded equal treatment regarding funding.
    We call on the central government not to cut funding for Non-STEM subjects and to provide funding at a level that recognises the vital social goods that these subjects provide.

    6. We demand that the University of York ensures that there are no job cuts and that staff levels are maintained at this university.

    7. We demand that the University of York operates a transparent open book policy regarding its finances, and keeps students and staff alike informed about its financial circumstances. This includes but is not limited to departmental budgets, the findings of any internal studies or analyses on finances and the university’s market position, and full disclosure on the university’s plans regarding potential budget changes.

    8. We demand that no students or staff involved in any occupation, demonstration or other non-violent action in opposition to the cuts in government funding to education receive any negative repudiation from any member of the university faculty, campus security or external law enforcement agency.

  5. Nottingham Uni’s address is:

  6. Rebecca Pillinger says:

    Bristol is now occupying!

  7. Leeds Trinity University college students against cuts will be back in occupation as of 4th January 2011
    Support for all re entering occupation in January and after.

  8. if you need to contact us ill put up the word press link, but also
    our email is [email protected]

  9. Warwick Occupy Wordpress says:

    new website just for occupy. updated much more regularly, list of proposals, events and photos.

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