The images the media won’t show (video of mounted police charging on protesters)


  1. Archie Young says:

    Hi, protester from wednesday here,

    Shortly after the mounted police charged us (by this point, people were just shouting and occasionally throwing plastic bottles – there was no real aggression), a mounted policeman decided I wasn’t moving fast enough and grabbed a handful of my (rather long) hair. With this firmly in his grip, he proceeded to spur his horse into a trot for a distance of ten to fifteen feet, dragging me alongside him. This was caught on video and in pictures, and immediately after letting go, I had a number of cameras thrust at me so I could describe what had just happened to their owners.

    Thought I’d mention it.

    Archie (age 18)

  2. Jessica Milner says:

    this is sick, i think every effort should be made to get this on the bbc news to show the kind of violence the police are using. In my town, colchester, the bulk of protestors were 16-17 and they were being shoved brutally around and into one another when there was nowhere to move to. in an organised protest surely we should be allowed to actually stand where we want to, or at least where we can make a point and be SEEN and not be slowly fed in a sardine group down backstreets and out of sight? I think the behaviour of the police in these instances is akin to that of an unfed angry animal snapping and baring its teath trying oh so hard to go in for the kill. They need to wake up and realize a peaceful, non violent, preplanned and organised protest is our RIGHT not a criminal action

    how about everyone who watches this sends the video link into the BBC, that way they cant not listen, theyre meant to give an unbias report on the news and so why have they reported the minority of student violence and not the police?

  3. Video covers the way the van was planted by the police

  4. In Manchester on Oxford Road, the police used considerable force to kettle protesters, so that peaceful demonstrators had no choice but to be thrust into a throng of angry and frightened people. People were packed shoulder to shoulder, frightened and unable to see what was happening. The police then charged their horses into the MIDDLE of the crowd they had created and people were screaming and trying, but unable, to run away,in complete shock. A 16 year old school girl who was kettled by the police had her ankle broken by one of the horses.

  5. would be good if subtitles could be added, thanks?! x

  6. Time for a properly unified fightback against the cuts: a “Stop the Cuts Coalition”???

    We need to emulate the success of the Stop the War Coalition. Get all the anti0cuts group together into one giant coalition and get two million on the streets.

  7. We will keep you covered in the U.S.

    Keep up the good fight!

  8. Jamie Holder says:

    I’ve just emailed the BBC with the link to this video and my thoughts about it. I HOPE they play it worldwide because this is just WRONG.

  9. I for one couldn’t see anything wrong in this video! a lot of black ladies swearing a white school boy crying who was approx 12 years old (why was he allowed to attend) and the Police officers doing what they are paid to do!

    As for the lady with the lost purse! TOUGH! if that many people are attending the rally you do not for any reason get any personal belongings out of your pocket/bag! simple! and anyway, you know if you dropped it, it would be one of your fellow rallyers who picked it up and kept it for drug money!

  10. We need to emulate the success of the Stop the War Coalition.

    If that was a success, I would hate to witness a failure!

  11. Archie, not calling you a liar mate but, if it was a number of cameras, could be possibly see one or two of the photos?

    “I had a number of cameras thrust at me so I could describe what had just happened to their owners.

    Thought Iā€™d mention it.

    Archie (age 18)”

  12. Stuart Brown says:

    Clegg, you’ve got it exactly right. There’s nothing the police are doing wrong, there doing their job, (and well) Anyone thinking there is something wrong here are seriously misguided. If anything, police aren’t harsh enough these days. your getting criminals in cells with PS3’s? luxeries in prison? If you have any sense you’ll see this for what it is, a protest (which looks like it could easily get out of hand) the police, who are trying to clear the streets for public saftey, and if they didn’t, matters would be much worse.

  13. So right Stuart Brown, this is a long awaited reply and I am sorry for that, I have been working hard!
    12 hour shifts + 2 hours travelling each way AND 6 days per week to save money for when (now have) the tax & all that rubbish hit 20% lmao! these kids want to complain about having to pay money out AFTER they get the 21K a year job (that they probaby wont get anyway)

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