Vice Chancellors in “earn too much, make cuts” shocker

Sell these relics off and buy books

Sell these relics off and buy books

Reposted from the Education Not for Sale site:

The results of the Guardian’s survey of the pay received by universities’ top officials are vomit-inducing.

At a time when university workers and students are facing massive cuts, more than 80 university heads now ‘earn’ more than £200,000. 19 get more than £300,000. Some have received 15 or 20 percent increases in the last year, and some seen their salary double or even triple in ten years.

The highest, Andrew Likierman at the London Business School, is on £474,000. He has benefited from a 78 percent increase in the last decade, ‘losing out’ in comparison with Roy Anderson of Imperial College (162 percent) Howard Newby of Liverpool (188 percent) and Andrew Hamilton of Oxford (220 percent). The lowest paid head of an HE institution, Michael Earley at Rose Bruford drama College in Sidcup, is on £122,000.

The number of other top HE officials on more than £100,000 has also mushroomed, now running into thousands, with hundreds at some universities.

Meanwhile, the university hierarchy is not only slashing jobs and holding down wages for university workers, but continuing its campaign for students to pay more. In the same week the Guardian survey was published, Oxford Chancellor (honorary head) Chris Patten called tuition fees of £3,225 “preposterously low”.

So inflated are the salaries involved that putting top university officials on something more like what they pay their workers would actually free up quite large amounts of money. But in any case, their huge pay outs are indicative of the kind of universities we have: giant businesses where the interests of both students and staff are sacrificed to the bottom line.

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